New ILP (Baking)

I’ve decided to start my ILP from scratch and go with something a little less involved with my job. I’ve decided to try baking.  I’ve always had an interest in baking, but haven’t really done anything that doesn’t include the final project coming from a box. One of the main reason I choose this has to do with a past job. I used to work at a place many of you are familiar with called Eileen’s Cookies. I was a “baker” meaning I took the dough the dough maker would make, then I would scoop it into cookie balls, and finally throw it into a oven with a pre set timer. I would like to get away from the actual baking part and try making dough and batter from scratch and experiment with other items

Photo CC by Andrea Goh

that aren’t cookies.

To me cookies are way to easy to make so this week I decided to


start with something a little more difficult, or to my surprise much more difficult then I would’ve thought when I started. This week I decided to try and make fudge. For me personally im not very big into sweets, but nothing is better to me than my grandmas home made fudge. Lucky my Grandma lives in Chadron and was very willing to help me with this part of my ILP. We took the recipe off a website called (her usual recipe). Here’s a link if you are interested in making your own at home. (  The most difficult part of this recipe and baking in general is how exact you measurements and temperatures have to be. The slightest amount of extra ingredients, lack of ingredients, or even a wrong temperature can destroy your recipe and give you a completely different product than you were trying to make.




With this recipe in particular was very difficult for me because of how important it was to make sure you don’t over or under cook the fudge mix. When its the right temperature you have to drop part of your mix into a cold glass of water and its supposed to form a ball. Well the first two times I tried to make it I way over cooked it and the third time I got the ball to form, but when I tasted it it still tasted burnt. So finally on the fourth try and my grandma standing over me breathing down my neck I got the right temperature and got the fudge to set up nicely.

Photo CC by Jamieanne

I learned a lot about baking from this first activity I didn’t know about when I started. Number one is next time I make fudge im going to have a thermometer, because let me tell you, the cold glass of water trick is hard! Number two when you under bake something it still taste good, but if you over bake something that stuff gets nasty! On a more real note though I’ve decided I actually enjoy baking. Its like an art form for food. Deserts in general are very tricky things to make, the slightest mistake can destroy your whole product. The best thing I learned about baking though is its so good to eat things you create yourself. There’s a sense of satisfaction when your eating it. You think to yourself “dang I did goooooood!”

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Hi everyone! My name is Blaine McMahon and welcome to my Literacy in the Digital Age  blog page! I am currently a student at Chadron State College working on my major to become a history teacher. I am also working on getting a coaching endorsement to hopefully one day become a high school football coach as well. On that note I am a crazy football fan (Green Bay Packers, and Nebraska Corn Huskers), and I spend most of my Sundays and Saturdays in the fall watching and learning the sport to the best of my abilities. I'm also a frequent PC gamer and love the world of the internet. I hope to perform well in this class and hope the same for all of my peers. This years going to be lit!

10 thoughts on “New ILP (Baking)”

  1. I know the struggle of making fudge! My grandfather who passed away several years made the best fudge (I think his came from the back of a cocoa can years ago). Even with him teaching me and other family members how to make it before he passed we’re just now getting the recipe down. A lot of our struggles come from making the fudge in a cast iron skillet, the only skillet my grandfather ever made fudge in. The fudge turns out great because of the seasoning in the pan but it is really hard to regulate temperature. Good luck with the rest of your tasty treats! I wish I could help you try them.

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  2. I love baking!! I’ve been into baking with zucchini lately and it is so much fun trying new recipes. My favorite is my great grandmas chocolate zucchini cake, it is phenomenal! I’m looking forward to reading more about your baking experience.


  3. Hey, I absolutely love Eileen’s Cookies. I am looking forward to hearing about what you decide to bake next. It’s exciting that you wanted to do something with your hands that you can use for the rest of your life.

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