ILP: Baking But not really

This week for my ILP I needed to do something less messy that usual and faster than usual because of personal time constraints. I decided to do a duo of Rice Crispy treats and some Scotcheroos. The kicker with both of these are neither actually require an oven. All you will need for these treats are the ingredients, a cake pan, a burner and a microwave. These ones were particularly my favorite to make because Rice Crispy treats have always been one of my favorite snacks but I have never made them. They turned out to be super easy! So easy in fact that my grandma mentioned adding Scotcheroos since they were just “over glorified Rice Crispy treats anyways.”

Photo CC By eatme_delisous

When making Rice Crispy treats all you really need to do is melt some butter and marshmallows together mix in some Rice Crispy’s, smash them down in a pan, and bam you have your product. The Scotcheroos where a bit harder but not my much. Instead of mixing the Rice Crispy’s in marshmallows you mix them into a peanut butter, corn syrup, sugar, and vanilla extract. Then when you smash them into the pan you add an almost frosting like substance. To make it all you do is melt chocolate chips and butter scotch chips together in the microwave then add it to the tops of the treats.

Photo CC By Jim Gephart

So far through my ILP I’ve been using the same website for my recipes named “All Recipes”. My grandma recommended it for a couple of reasons. Number one is they have a big variety of recipes for most baked goods, and for most have multiple recipes for each type of baked good. She also mentioned how they are very descriptive and even have easy bake options for when you’re in a hurry.  I’ve started to get really familiar with the site and highly recommend it to my readers to check out.   All Recipes

Baking has proven to itself to be a challenge, but a fun one. I cook for my job and baking is so much different and technical compared to just “flipping burger.” Instructions are crucial and very rarely are there shortcuts. Id even go as far as saying its an art. Baking has challenged me, and help me realize how hard it actually is. I’ve enjoyed it so far and have definitely enjoyed the snacks that comes with it.

Overall so far with my research I’ve found baking to be really enjoyable. Their are so many directions you can go with it to. Right now I’ve done some basic and some difficult ones, but I’m read to advance forward and try some new things. Cakes, pies, and donuts are where I plan on “tasting” my research next, and I cant wait to learn how to make them!

Chocolate Scotcheroos

Rice Crispy Treats

Teachers using TED Talk

TED Talk is such an amazing tool for the classroom! “Stephanie Lo, Director of TED-Ed Programs, advises teachers to use TED videos as a way to get students thinking.” This is stated in a blog we read about in class this week called “How teachers can best use TED Talks in class, from the perspective of a student.” It written by Olivia Cucinotta, and she goes into detail about how teachers can use TED Talk in their classrooms. I really like the quote from above because it really is super important in learning to make your students think. When a student is thinking it means they are engaged in what you are trying to teach them. Even as a current student I find it hard to stay on task sometimes, and even find myself rereading the same paragraph multiple times because of my mind drifting away from my work. When you give students a chance to open up a lesion or class with a video that will help them engage in the lesion before hand you will have your students in a more engaged environment.

The TED Talk I decided to view this week was “Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen.” I really enjoyed this TED Talk for a couple of reasons. The first being is this is really good practice for future teachers. None of us want to end up being the mono tone lecture teacher most students hate. In this talk he goes into description of what type of voice you want for different situations. He gives examples of ways to warm up your voice, and also gives advice on things you shouldn’t say.

My favorite part of the video had to be the activity. He has the whole crowd stand up and warm up their voices. It included six different sounds, or mouth and throat movement. It was fun to watch and also fun to try. You may even look over your shoulder to see if anyone saw or herd you practicing it, but I thought it was a fun activity.

Its TED Talk videos like the one below I want to use in the classroom when I teach.  I want students to not only learn something, but also enjoy a fun activity to get their thoughts and blood flowing. I want them to enjoy what they are learning and actually have a hands on activity to have the student actually interact with what they are learning.

New ILP (Baking)

I’ve decided to start my ILP from scratch and go with something a little less involved with my job. I’ve decided to try baking.  I’ve always had an interest in baking, but haven’t really done anything that doesn’t include the final project coming from a box. One of the main reason I choose this has to do with a past job. I used to work at a place many of you are familiar with called Eileen’s Cookies. I was a “baker” meaning I took the dough the dough maker would make, then I would scoop it into cookie balls, and finally throw it into a oven with a pre set timer. I would like to get away from the actual baking part and try making dough and batter from scratch and experiment with other items

Photo CC by Andrea Goh

that aren’t cookies.

To me cookies are way to easy to make so this week I decided to


start with something a little more difficult, or to my surprise much more difficult then I would’ve thought when I started. This week I decided to try and make fudge. For me personally im not very big into sweets, but nothing is better to me than my grandmas home made fudge. Lucky my Grandma lives in Chadron and was very willing to help me with this part of my ILP. We took the recipe off a website called (her usual recipe). Here’s a link if you are interested in making your own at home. (  The most difficult part of this recipe and baking in general is how exact you measurements and temperatures have to be. The slightest amount of extra ingredients, lack of ingredients, or even a wrong temperature can destroy your recipe and give you a completely different product than you were trying to make.




With this recipe in particular was very difficult for me because of how important it was to make sure you don’t over or under cook the fudge mix. When its the right temperature you have to drop part of your mix into a cold glass of water and its supposed to form a ball. Well the first two times I tried to make it I way over cooked it and the third time I got the ball to form, but when I tasted it it still tasted burnt. So finally on the fourth try and my grandma standing over me breathing down my neck I got the right temperature and got the fudge to set up nicely.

Photo CC by Jamieanne

I learned a lot about baking from this first activity I didn’t know about when I started. Number one is next time I make fudge im going to have a thermometer, because let me tell you, the cold glass of water trick is hard! Number two when you under bake something it still taste good, but if you over bake something that stuff gets nasty! On a more real note though I’ve decided I actually enjoy baking. Its like an art form for food. Deserts in general are very tricky things to make, the slightest mistake can destroy your whole product. The best thing I learned about baking though is its so good to eat things you create yourself. There’s a sense of satisfaction when your eating it. You think to yourself “dang I did goooooood!”

OER’s in the Class Room

I seriously think Mine Craft is one of the best tools teacher scan use for students at a young age. It gives kids such a creative way to not only learn but express them

Photo cc by annie9641

selves. Teachers have slowly started to incorporate more technology into the class room and with this I also think it should make it easier to help students express themselves. There are some many OER’s and programs that kids in today’s world can understand how to run.

I also think its very common in today’s world to be underestimated when it come to technology as younger teens and kids. I have sat in many class were the teach

ers teaching us about the technology is less informed than the students. Which I think is a difficulty in our up coming generations. Many of us are being taught by people who are just learning the same tech ideas we are. The difference is we have been growing u

Photo cc by San José Public Library

p with them our whole lives. Where the people we are learning from haven’t so its almost like we are in this awkward period of technical transition and it means theirs less room for creativeness and more just getting into understanding it.

By time we begin to teach in the classrooms technology will be all around us without it even being a thought in our minds. We as the technological generation have a responsibility to keep advancing and creating better and better uses of it. We know it like that back of our hands now it time to start using it to our advantage. We can

experiment with it and see what helps and what doesn’t.  Schools are already checking i-pads out to students to do homework on. How long till we use these for one on one help over video chat? How long till we use this technology we have been given to advance our teaching strategies and lesson plans comfortably around technology? Its got to be int he near future right?

I think when it come to the up coming generations if very important to have this in out thoughts. We will have to use it because most of our students will use it daily. The best way to teach students is when they are comfortably and confident in what they are doing. Technology is the future and we need to adjust fast or we will be left behind. I think When it comes down to it its another form of “evolution” and we are right in the middle of it.


Real Life Hacking

“The original definition of hack was a fiddle that improved a process or program.” The Center for Make/Hack/Play blogged by Bud Hunt very eye opening when it came to negative thoughts on hacking. When he stated the quote from above it made me think a lot about how I could use hacking in my future, or how I’ve even already used it in my past. If you think about it any time you’ve made anything in your life easier by either making something or finding a better system is a form of hacking.

How can we use hacking in the class room though? It think when it comes to school there are many things we can hack. We can hack better clearer lesson plans, better class interactions, and even better ways to communicate with students. When we think of hack we can get deeper than that though. We can look into ways to better manage our times so we can have more one on one time with students. We can take that time to get to know them better and adjust to help them each learn in their own unique way. We can take that time to help them be themselves and support their decision and goals. We as teachers shouldn’t be our students friends, but we should take the responsibility to be evolved in our students lives to better help them achieve their goals. I think hacking and helping our students be creative come hand and hand.

Photo CC by Doug Jennings

In this weeks TED Talk , we had a young man talk about how not being in traditional school and learning in a different setting really helped him excel in his learning. He talked about how he used to hate writing, but how he found a real passion in it when he began to write about what he really enjoyed! We as teachers should try our best to let our students be themselves and be creative while still providing a learning environment.

I had a teacher my 9th and 11th grade years in high school who i think did this really well. We would come into class every Wednesday and he would have a very open writing prompt. It would generally be about two pages then  every Friday he would turn them back to us with great feed back on them. HE would ask us about our lives all the time and he would even talk to our parents about us if he saw them in public. He was the definition of a teach that was their for the students benefit. I hope to become this type of teach but with my own style in the future.

Advertisement through Snap Chat ILP

Recently in life I’ve been doing a lot of thinking when it comes to advertisement. Everywhere we go we see ads. Weather its Facebook, YouTube, or even just good old television. I like to think about who they are appealing to, or even if its worth the time and money to advertisement the way they are.

Recently at work I asked my boss if I could try setting up a Snap Chat to not only try and advertise on it, but also give a way for customers to provide feed back and questions for the restaurant. So far on it I’ve taken pictures of the kitchen preparing fresh food, the drink and food specials for the night, and I’ve even done competitions for free food.

So far we have about two hundred people that follow us on the app, and we get about 150-180 views on each story picture. It seems to be getting the views I was hoping for, but I have yet to figure out if its bringing in more business due to the start of the school year.

feel free to follow my snap chat wildwildsbar

Overall I want to learn if snap chat is an effective way to advertise to the public. Not only do I want to make it informational for the business, but I also want people to enjoy and be appealed to what is posted on it. I hope in the end to have a better understanding of the thoughts of customers, and to be able to use this in the future to better understand advertisement.


The learner I am Today

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Photo CC by Central Main Bench Reporter 

Everyone learns something everyday. Regardless of how they learned it, what it is, or even if you don’t realize it, we are all learning all the time. When it comes to school teachers need to realize that not all students are the same, and in many cases they  learn or have to be taught differently.

Photo CC by u069072

I feel as though school as always come easily for me. By that I mean I have never really struggled with the way teachers have taught me for the most part through my school years. Some class’s are more difficult than others, but for me it has more to do with how a teacher is teaching a subject more than the difficulty of the curriculum.  Personally for me teachers who stand at the front of the room and lecture for classes on end while students just sit and make notes are the worst.

Photo CC by hongsheng wang

There are very rarely discussions about the curriculum, and when there are the kids who perform well in the class tend to be the ones in the discussion. For me this is the worst way to learn. When teachers do this it makes students very unsure of their work and their learning which only adds more stress onto the student.

Photo CC by American Hebrew Academy

This has happened in a couple classes for me and though I was able to work through them and get good grades I couldn’t help but think of all the students who were struggling. Classes like that really bug me because of inconsistencies when it comes to how much knowledge each student takes in from these classes.

I had a teacher in high school who inspired me to become a teacher. He wasn’t the best teacher when it came to class, and I definitely didn’t get all A’s in his class, but it was the type of person he was when he taught. He tried to make a personal connection with everyone in his class, he was very open to new ideas students had in the class room, and would even set up test prep the morning before his tests in his home room to try and help his students get every advantage they could to get a good grade on the tests.

Photo CC by nazirsn

The reason you could say this teacher inspired me so much was because not only the personal connection we had as friends, but he also did everything in his power to help his students do well and learn in his class. He wasn’t there just to make a pay check, he was there to benefit his students in anyway he could.