Final IPL

For my last project I decided to do basic and simple Christmas cookies with my grandma this weekend. I didn’t want to get to advanced on everything because I want to use this post more as a reflection of all the work I have done this semester. As far as the cookies go they were delicious but by far not the best thing i created this semester.

The whole point of my ILP this semester was to get away from cookies and learn more about other pastries and baking techniques since i have already worked in a cookie shop. My favorite creation this semester was the ice cream cake I made a few weeks back. I love ice cream and being able to make home made ice cream and being able to mix it with cake made my week a lot better!

Over the course of this semester I made many great things and also failed int he process many times. At the beginning of our IPLs I didn’t understand why were had to do, or in a different thought, what was I gaining from this. I dint start to realize what it was until around my 3rd project. I messed up multiple times on fudge, on thought i was going to lose it. I had to go back to the store for more ingredients and even surfed the web for a possibly easier recipe.  After finally getting the fudge to set up correctly and the writing for that post began to come super easily to me.

I feel t

Photo CC by Zach

he most important project for me was when I would struggle I would always end up trying my hardest to figure out where I was going wrong because I was so invested into it. The ILPs taught me that we can teach ourselves something if we really want to know it. We can also figure out better ways for ourselves to lean on our own. If we are going to teach students and expects them to learn from what we are doing, should we not be able to teach ourselves new things as well.

Over all I thought this project was a great experience and I found it very helpful for my ideals on teaching. We are not teachers yet so their is still lots of time for use to develope our own teaching methods and thoughts, and its projects like this that  help us out the most. Hands on learning is the best learning.

Author: blaineslitdigclass

Hi everyone! My name is Blaine McMahon and welcome to my Literacy in the Digital Age  blog page! I am currently a student at Chadron State College working on my major to become a history teacher. I am also working on getting a coaching endorsement to hopefully one day become a high school football coach as well. On that note I am a crazy football fan (Green Bay Packers, and Nebraska Corn Huskers), and I spend most of my Sundays and Saturdays in the fall watching and learning the sport to the best of my abilities. I'm also a frequent PC gamer and love the world of the internet. I hope to perform well in this class and hope the same for all of my peers. This years going to be lit!

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