Comic’s in the Class Room

Comics can be extremely useful for teachers in many ways! Not only can you create them and allow your students a more fun way of learning, but you can also let them create them in order to make a projects or even to create a presentation. I’ve had multiple teachers in the past offer comic strips in order to do a presentation for a class projects. Most of the time students wont put their time into these though because they haven been shown the correct resources to create one. I personally think they are extremely useful for many reasons, but creativity is the main focus when creating one.

When giving our students the ability to create something unique and original it gives them the opportunity to show us many things. Their level of creativity, how invested in the project they are, and even their feelings towards the project they are creating, are all things that teachers can see by assigning visual based projects. We as teachers are going to have to show our students more about the advantages of using technology for these assignments instead of being forced to be artistic to take part in the more expressive projects. The websites in this blog post are excellent when trying to manipulate and add extra abilities when creating an original piece of work using these software’s.

Other activities we can do in the classroom can also revolve around creating brochures, posters and even business cards. All of these will be helpful to students in their up coming lives, as well as many of their careers. As teachers we need to show our students not only how to effectively use the software but how to appropriately use them to. These websites and software are very useful in the real world and many of us will find ourselves using these throughout college and our careers and the effectiveness we can gain from these will help our students look better and more flawless if they begin practicing with these softwares from a young age.

Photo CC by pat.bruinsama

Overall when using new software and technologies to create projects the out come can be better than most can imagine at the start of the project. Our jobs as teachers is to effectively use these and teach our students how to effectively use them as well; not only to let their creativity shine but also to help them become more professional in their real life and academic careers.