Podcast & Digital Stories

I love to listen to podcast! I never used to listen to them on my computer instead I preferred talk show radio, but once phones became as advanced as they are now I started to frequently listen to sports podcast while doing homework. It was something I enjoyed because of the mass variety of  sports entertainers that did podcast. Between NFL analysts, Fantasy experts, and players theirs a never ending  availability of podcast that I enjoy listening to. Not only in sports but political podcast are something I find interesting and good to listen to as well.

Photo CC By ESPN

Not surprisingly many of these podcast are opinion based, but for me its something enjoyable to listen to while working. One podcast that stands out to me is Wide and Tausch which I listen to on a regular bases. They are a sports talk show that discuss the Packers very frequently. Im even currently listening to in right now after the Packers W yesterday. This is one of my favorites but I understand much of what they are discussing is opinions of the game and they very heavily side with the Packers. I cant really uses them as credible sources when talking about sports with friends, but at the same time i might like an argument they make or an opinion of theirs that I can look into more and build my own opinion. I think podcast are awesome but we have to be careful when using them.

Somethings I don’t like about podcast is many of them are opinion based and there for would wake them hard to be credible sources of information. That being said their are many good professional podcast that have credible information, but we have to treat these as another form of social media. People can say and post whatever they want its our jobs to deem them as credible sources.

I feel like using podcast in the classroom can be very helpful and fun for students to partake in. I feel video podcasts are a great way for a student to create a project. The ability to use these to our advantage is just another good form of technology we can choose to use in the classroom. We need to remember when using these that they are credible, not based on opinions, and good uses of time for the class we are teaching.

ILP Week 11

This week in my IPL I decided I wanted to fry stuff and decided it would be easy because of the access I have to industrial fryers at work. We all go to the state fairs or food trucks and see fried goods like Oreo, Twinkies, and chocolate this week in honor of all the left over Halloween candy i decided to fry them into pure deliciousness. I had never made my own batter but my coworker had a very good recipe that he used often for his own frying needs.

The key to frying food is let in the batter and how long you allow the candy to be in the fryer. If you leave it in the fryer to long the chocolate will melt and leak out of the batter which at that point would be to unpleasantly crispy to even enjoy. If you don’t leave the chocolate down long enough the batter will simply just fall of and you’ll have a melted piece of chocolate to enjoy with no breading.

Photo CC by Truus

It seemed some chocolate was easier to fry then others but overall my products were finished roughly after 30 seconds to a minute. The sad part is they lasted about half as long as it took to cook them when the waitresses found out what I was making! I used peanut butter cups, pure milk chocolate, almond filled chocolate, and dark chocolate. The batter was a simple mix of pancake mix with just enough milk where the mix isn’t runny but just thick enough to get rid of all the powder. The temp of the fryers i used were 350 degrees.

Overall from this experience I feel like there were two major aspects I got from it. I learned how delicate fryers can be when it comes to cooking baked goods in them. Timing is everything and if you do it correctly the fluffy chocolate filled teat will make your day. Another thing I learned was how to make a good consistent frying batter.  When it comes to frying if you have a solid batter and good quality way to fry your goods the only thing standing in your way of a fried treat is understanding how long it takes to make them the perfect fluffiness.

So far I’ve really enjoyed the ILP I’ve gotten to do. I’ve done things I never would have done without the encouragement of this course. Learning to bake and make other sweet goods in something I’ve been interested in but have never taken the insensitive of doing util this ILP.