Digital foot print

I google myself online and what I found wasn’t exactly what I expected to find. I found my Facebook pretty fast and I even had a few pictures pop up on google images that I had set as Facebook profile pictures. What i found that really interested me is most of the time when i would google my name I would find my grandmothers obituary. Though i expected to find my pictures and Facebook nothing was really preparing me to find the obituary for my grandma and it came up on over half of my searches.

Based on my finding I would say I have been pretty responsibility and un conflicted with my online access. That being said there are many websites out there you can pay for to enhance a search for a particular person including aresst records court records, and even past felonies and convictions all based on their address and name. We have to be prepared that people can find almost anything about us online just by googling our names. Our addresses, phone numbers, past purchases, relatives, and even just our basic social media accounts are just a click away. This could have major implications on our lives. Future bosses, co workers, and in many of our cases parents will be googling us and trying to learn as much as they can about the person teaching their children.

It is important that what we are putting online isn’t something that is not only going to incriminate us but alter the way our student might see us as influences in their lives. Kids are also becoming more and more advanced with technology and as teachers its something we are going to have to accept. We need to prepare our selves now and make sure things we are posting and sharing aren’t going to impact us in the future.

Over all I found this exercise really interesting. It’s funny how just by googling your name things from your past can just pop up on the screen in front of you. O found my grandma who passed away 9 and a half years ago from when the internet was still young and not even close to as accessible as it is now. We can only assume these searches are going to become fuller and fuller as we continue to advance with technology and continue to use social media on regular bases. We have to take steps not only to protect ourselves from this rapidly growing online world, but also prepare ourselves to use this online world in a safer manner.

Author: blaineslitdigclass

Hi everyone! My name is Blaine McMahon and welcome to my Literacy in the Digital Age  blog page! I am currently a student at Chadron State College working on my major to become a history teacher. I am also working on getting a coaching endorsement to hopefully one day become a high school football coach as well. On that note I am a crazy football fan (Green Bay Packers, and Nebraska Corn Huskers), and I spend most of my Sundays and Saturdays in the fall watching and learning the sport to the best of my abilities. I'm also a frequent PC gamer and love the world of the internet. I hope to perform well in this class and hope the same for all of my peers. This years going to be lit!

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