Mindful use of Technology

i wonder what would happen if all of our devices crashed one night. What would we do with our free time without Facebook, twitter and snap-chat. Personally I don’t find trouble keeping myself off of these social media cites but it is starting to become a problem for a lot of the people I know. When it comes to how much time we spend on our phones and computers I think a major part is expectations of what we are interested in or want to know. When we have our accounts we generally follow our friends and then a bunch of other links we are interested in. I wonder how many of us are more interested in what our friends are posting compared to the other people or pages we follow on these cites. Is it easier to watch and learn from our devices then actually engage in person to person talk about the subjects that interest us.

While watching TED Talk “A year offline, what I have learned” done by Paul Miller I began to wonder how dependent society has become on their devices and how dependent they have become on getting their information from these social media sites. I personally fall victim to this. All of my sports and political news I see by following the major news and sports networks and its much more efficient then watching TV.

I personally believe we are in a time of mass knowledge being spread through the world of social media. With this also come the wide spread of pointless crap as well. We gain so much knowledge on these sites rather than just not be digitally active at all but we also see so many pointless videos and memes  it starts to become a time waster. We can adjust and adapt to these however. We can fill our feeds with useful information that can benefit us while using these sites which will slowly deflate the amount of unnecessary things we see on social media.

Overall spending to much time on social media can be bad and effect you in your every day life as we are starting to see in many people who just cant put down their phones and see what happening in front of them. Technology is a good and a bad thing it all depends on how it is being utilized and as future teachers its our jobs to stare our student in the right direction and start them off with good habits when using these cites and devices.

ILP Caramel Rolls

In My home town of Rapid City we have a restaurant called the Colonial House, and it seriously has the best caramel rolls I have ever eaten. I was discussing this with my room mate a few days ago and we decided we anted to try and make some caramel rolls. My roommate had a recipe we used and it made it really simple but at the same time they weren’t exactly “real” caramel rolls. We took some hamburger buns and and added the caramel and nuts then let them bake on in the oven. They were a good snack but nothing like the real caramel rolls at the Colonial house. I currently have a friends that works in their bakery and for this ILP I interviews him about his job and maybe a little in site on how to make better caramel rolls.

First off ill start off by introducing my friend Forest who is one of the few works that get sup at 4 in the morning to begin his job as baker. They make many goodies and treat at the colonial house and we can pretty much compare this restaurant to a family owned Perkins. They make pies, cookies, muffins, and many other types of desserts, but nothing is as good as their caramel roll. They use walk in sized oven, as well as a large area to prep their dough and other goods before putting them into the giant oven. Forest talked about how the caramel roll was definite the product with the most attention in the morning, as well as to-go orders they would do daily as well.

Photo C.C. By Colonial House

Forest was very helpful and even did manage to give me a few helpful tips on how to improve my own caramel rolls, but he could not give me any type of recipe to follow because of his jobs orders. I complete understood considering the circumstances!

I mention in one of my earlier post I had worked in a cookie shop so i do have some experience in large quantity of baking but noting compared to the scale of what happens at the colonial house. When all is said and done I just made cookies and this restaurant does cookies plus 15 other baked goods, so even though I have some experience I have nothing compared to my good friend Forest. Im also starting to run out of ideas on products to bake so if anyone has anything they would like to see me bake just let me know in the comments.

Digital Activism

Digital activism Is something most of us have been participating in without even thinking about it! We could be sharing a video that anti bullying, political post, or even rooting for our favorite football teams. teenvogue.com even states, “Sit-ins, marches, picket signs—these are the images we conjure up when we think of activism in the traditional sense, but for teens and twenty-somethings, change is starting with the click of a mouse.” When we think about how powerful the online world can be we have to consider how powerful a movement and activism can become.

Photo C.C buy Eric Lui

After the 2016 elections there was a lot of outrage over President Trump being elected. Much of the controversy and disagreement flooded social media and caused a massive split in users. Their were Pro Trump voters celebrating their victory and months of posting, There where the pro Hilary supporters posting their outrage and concern about the country. Most of these post were negative or directed at something and can be seen as negative and un influential. I on the other hand see it differently. I think when all the concern and outrage reached the ears of President Trump it was another tool for the American citizens to keep him in check. Im not saying that President Trump was going to or is still going to do something drastically wrong (I am/was a Trump Supporter), but it definitely caught his attention to let him know the American citizens were paying attention.


Digital Activism can be a powerful thing, but we also need to realize the consequence of out activism as well. Many of the people our age and going into teaching may be Pro Cannabis in the United States. Though we have our opinions we need to also realize many of us will be in search of jobs in states where it is not legal. We need to recognize if we are openly protesting the legalization it could impact our job searches in the future. Anything posted on social media can impact our lives just as much as saying it person to person. Tht includes invoking our 1st amendment rights. We must use proper digital citizenship in order to not only protect ourselves but our futures as well.

Overall I see digital activism as a positive thing in our world. We however need to be careful and remember not to push the limits of what we and and do in public and stoop down to being un professional. Everything we do online is like a permanent marker. Its never erased.

Digital foot print

I google myself online and what I found wasn’t exactly what I expected to find. I found my Facebook pretty fast and I even had a few pictures pop up on google images that I had set as Facebook profile pictures. What i found that really interested me is most of the time when i would google my name I would find my grandmothers obituary. Though i expected to find my pictures and Facebook nothing was really preparing me to find the obituary for my grandma and it came up on over half of my searches.

Based on my finding I would say I have been pretty responsibility and un conflicted with my online access. That being said there are many websites out there you can pay for to enhance a search for a particular person including aresst records court records, and even past felonies and convictions all based on their address and name. We have to be prepared that people can find almost anything about us online just by googling our names. Our addresses, phone numbers, past purchases, relatives, and even just our basic social media accounts are just a click away. This could have major implications on our lives. Future bosses, co workers, and in many of our cases parents will be googling us and trying to learn as much as they can about the person teaching their children.

It is important that what we are putting online isn’t something that is not only going to incriminate us but alter the way our student might see us as influences in their lives. Kids are also becoming more and more advanced with technology and as teachers its something we are going to have to accept. We need to prepare our selves now and make sure things we are posting and sharing aren’t going to impact us in the future.

Over all I found this exercise really interesting. It’s funny how just by googling your name things from your past can just pop up on the screen in front of you. O found my grandma who passed away 9 and a half years ago from when the internet was still young and not even close to as accessible as it is now. We can only assume these searches are going to become fuller and fuller as we continue to advance with technology and continue to use social media on regular bases. We have to take steps not only to protect ourselves from this rapidly growing online world, but also prepare ourselves to use this online world in a safer manner.