Digital Citizenship

Social Media is becoming more and more important in everyday life for most people. When we are on social media we see news, videos, games, friends posts, memes, and we even come across types of fighting and arguments. Its important to remember everything we see and everything we post is open for the public to look at. That being said it is important to remember that we have morals and common sense when posting things that everyone in the public can see.

Coming from the generation were Facebook, twitter, and snap chat have effected our lives from a young age, its easy to become to familiar and careless while using these networks. While going through articles and videos in our class their was one listed about a digital survival kit. This kit was a kit a teacher made his students make to remind them about their actions and the possible consequences of those actions while using the digital world. My favorite analogy from the kit was a permanent marker. the article says, “Everything that you put online is permanent….even if you hit the delete button after posting.  Odds are someone has retweeted, favorited,  or taken a screenshot of the material if it was questionable.” This is an important rule we all need to remember while posting on social media. Some of us will be involved in politics, disgruntled employees, hateful coworkers, and even maybe famous. When we post unnecessary comments, hateful posts, or even get involved in online arguments people can look back and use them against you; whether you meant what you posted or not.

Colin Kapernick is a NFL QB and is currently not on an NFL roster (most of use believe become of his public national anthem protest last season). He is currently suing the league in a conspiracy that they’ve all agreed to not accept him into a team. However during this past off-season during the summer the Baltimore Ravens were considering bringing him in and were even about to offer him a contract before some post made on social media ultimately resulted in the Ravens never giving an offer. Kapernick’s current girl friend went on a twitter rant criticizing past Ravens player Ray Lewis, and team officials for past public interactions. Though it was not Kapernick who posted these hateful, unnecessary comments he paid the price for what was said over a social media post. Even though the post were removed the damage had already been done and now the consequences of these posts have taken action.

While we all love getting onto the online world we have to remember our digital footprint and the consequences for what we do post online. We can all have fun, share information and funny videos, and we can even start some debates about current events, but we also have to remember that every thing we are saying is in the public view and we should stay formal and smart while using these networks.