Advertisement through Snap Chat ILP

Recently in life I’ve been doing a lot of thinking when it comes to advertisement. Everywhere we go we see ads. Weather its Facebook, YouTube, or even just good old television. I like to think about who they are appealing to, or even if its worth the time and money to advertisement the way they are.

Recently at work I asked my boss if I could try setting up a Snap Chat to not only try and advertise on it, but also give a way for customers to provide feed back and questions for the restaurant. So far on it I’ve taken pictures of the kitchen preparing fresh food, the drink and food specials for the night, and I’ve even done competitions for free food.

So far we have about two hundred people that follow us on the app, and we get about 150-180 views on each story picture. It seems to be getting the views I was hoping for, but I have yet to figure out if its bringing in more business due to the start of the school year.

feel free to follow my snap chat wildwildsbar

Overall I want to learn if snap chat is an effective way to advertise to the public. Not only do I want to make it informational for the business, but I also want people to enjoy and be appealed to what is posted on it. I hope in the end to have a better understanding of the thoughts of customers, and to be able to use this in the future to better understand advertisement.


Author: blaineslitdigclass

Hi everyone! My name is Blaine McMahon and welcome to my Literacy in the Digital Age  blog page! I am currently a student at Chadron State College working on my major to become a history teacher. I am also working on getting a coaching endorsement to hopefully one day become a high school football coach as well. On that note I am a crazy football fan (Green Bay Packers, and Nebraska Corn Huskers), and I spend most of my Sundays and Saturdays in the fall watching and learning the sport to the best of my abilities. I'm also a frequent PC gamer and love the world of the internet. I hope to perform well in this class and hope the same for all of my peers. This years going to be lit!

10 thoughts on “Advertisement through Snap Chat ILP”

  1. This is such a great idea!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any restaurant that has anything like this. I’m sure that’s because I don’t live in a city, but I love this idea. It is such a great idea to get reviews and to post about specials you’re having that night. I can’t wait to hear more about this idea!


  2. Blaine,
    This is awesome! I like how you see how important advertising is and how prevalent it is in our world today. I followed the snapchat just because of this post! This is a great way to get the word out. It’s weird how every single person sees so many advertisements throughout the day and they don’t even notice anymore.


  3. Hey Blaino! This is really such a good idea. It’s probably good that I convinced Tori to let you do it. 😉 I really hope that it goes well and the more you talk about it the more people will know! You really don’t see it a whole lot around restaurants like this so I’m hoping it turns out like you want it to. BTW, nice touch adding the picture into your blog.

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  4. Blaine, this is such a great idea! I am not very good with snapchat, but I think that this is really neat way for people to provide feedback for your restaurant. We all know that paper and pencil feedback is out of the park and using technology is the fastest most efficient way. I hope this is successful for you!

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  5. I really like your idea, and it sounds like so far you’ve seen at least some success with views on your story. I haven’t followed the story yet on Snapchat but have you gotten the customers involved by featuring them on the story? Something like, “show us your following us and Snapchat next time you come in and we’ll feature you on our story”. Good luck with your venture!

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